About the Suds

Here at Backwoods Suds, we started as an idea, a hobby, and quite the learning experience. From the research of all the oils we use, to the clays, the exfoliating properties and right down to the fragrance oils, it was a borderline rabbit hole. This all started as something I was planning on doing this as a small scale just for myself along with friends and family. That quickly turned into a passion, in knowing that a product could be created, to not only help people and their skin, but to do everything possible to keep it at a price point anyone could afford in what I’ve seen as a saturated market. From what I’ve seen, this is a complete artform, and while I drool over some of the color combos I see, and the styles and different techniques, it was past what I wanted.

After all, at the end of the day, we’re all going to scrub our ass with this stuff, the main part is that it makes us CLEAN. And that’s what I gear towards. I will randomly get a twitch in my step and go full blown artisan just to see if I can do it, but that’s not the main goal here. I can’t put up bars for $13 plus a bar, not knocking those that do, but I don’t have TIME to do all that famcy stuff. And it all cleans the same. My time has gone into fine tuning a recipe that is equal parts cleansing for all skin types and also moisturizes as well.

Having complete control over our ingredients is something very important to this adventure, and keeping it as  natural as possible. Our main product is colored with clays, plant/fruit powders, and brewed coffee, which all have aspects in aiding in helping your skin etc. Will we branch out and do fancy fun bars? Probably, because the artist outlet is exactly what I didn’t know I needed so desperately. After the rollercoaster year of 2020, we all fell into a funk, I fell into a funk, and finding this outlet relit a fire I didn’t realize went out. 

What started as a plan of a men’s only line has rapidly expanded. I use more of the scents geared towards men, but they smell SO GOOD. I have a plan to keep 16 signature bars, all with different components, and then throw in some razzle dazzle with some fun scents, etc here and there. So I HIGHLY encourage you to follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the crazy creations.

If you have been following us since I first start, or you are just finding us now. I want to say THANK YOU. Even just for reading this, or sharing, not even purchasing our product. I am so thankful for everyone that comes by and hangs out for a bit. I have put my heart and soul into this to make a quality product that is great for all skin types and will continue to morph and change this company as it needs to be to benefit all. Everyone deserves good soap, and my commitment to each and everyone of you is to keep it as wallet friendly as possible. Our oil blend is simple and to the point. I could add so many other components but that would drive the price up and I just don’t want that. I am 100% confident in the product we create here at Backwoods Suds, and I will stand by that forever.


Suds on Friends,